V1 Token Migration

With the longevity of the project in mind, the team has decided to migrate our users from the initial token to a new token which allows for more scalability. Primary reasons for the migration include:

  • To allow for the adjusting of the SwapAt threshold, which controls how much $OTSEA the contract needs to accumulate before a tax occurs

  • To allow for adjustable taxes. The taxes will only be able to be lowered.

  • To allow whitelisting of addresses for bypassing transfer taxes. This may include CEX listing addresses, and more immediately the OTSea platform contract as well as the new staking contract.

  • An improved revenue distribution system using a new staking mechanism

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who was holding $OTSEA at the time of the snapshot is eligible.

See telegram for snapshot details.

How do I claim my new $OTSEA tokens?

Visit otsea.io/migration and follow the steps. You'll be prompted to approve the contract address, then perform a contract interaction to send in your $OTSEA tokens in exchange for your new ones.


The contract needs to receive your $OTSEA tokens in order to exchange them for the new ones. If you sell your tokens, even after snapshot, you will be disqualified from receiving your migrated tokens.

Migrate at otsea.io/migration

Is there anything I need to do after migrating?

No! After following the simple steps to migrate, you should be good to go. Once liquidity is added to the new token, which should be shortly after the migration has been announced, trading will resume as normal.


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