🀝Partner Benefits

Projects partnered with OTSea enjoy a share of the fees collected from all orders on the platform that contain their token, as well as enable other benefits.

OTSea Platform Fee 1%

Partner Fee Share 30%

Example: User puts up an order of $100k USD worth of $EXAMPLE tokens and it gets filled. OTSea collects $1000 from the order 1% fee, 30% of which is shared with the partner.

Partner $EXAMPLE receives $300 from this order alone. Compound this by ongoing volume without an expiration date, and it essentially provides a revenue stream for 0% tax tokens, for their project's treasury.

Project Benefits of Enabling OTC Capabilities

  • Encourage users to offload tokens over the counter rather than selling them into a liquidity pool. This helps avoid unnecessary large dumps on the chart

  • Conducting OTC deals for paying KOL's, for services, etc

  • Partner projects additionally get the benefit of choosing to enforce a delayed release for all orders on the platform that contain their token. Users filling orders will have to wait 5 minutes in order to claim filled order tokens. This helps mitigate the impact of arbitrage bots who seek to insta-flip the tokens on the chart after filling it.

Token Holder Benefits of Using OTC

  • Avoiding losses incurred from trading into liquidity pools. This is more crucial for large orders, where sellers and buys are frequently losing a lot of money due to slippage by trading into liquidity pools. When trading OTC, they are able to buy or sell the tokens at full market value

  • Selling discreetly. Sometimes, larges holders prefer to exit without causing a panic or making a scene upon exit. Unlisted orders are an additional feature which will allow the order to not be visible on the dAPP

  • As a buyer, purchase tokens and make offers for tokens at below market price

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