🀲Creating an OTC Order

⚠️ When creating orders, please be conscious of whether or not the token you are trading has a transfer tax. If it does, it will be subject to the transfer tax when moving the tokens to the smart contract ⚠️

1) Navigate to https://otsea.xyz

2) Select a token to create an order for

3) Select the amount of tokens for the order

4) Select an ETH amount you want to trade the tokens for

5) Partially Fillable - Default Off

  • Toggle On: The order can get filled in multiple transcations by multiple users

  • Toggle Off: The order can only be filled in one transaction, and it has to be a fully filled.

6) Whitelist - Default Off

  • Toggle On: Pick an address to limit the order to. The order can only be filled by that address.

  • Toggle Off: Anyone can fill the order

Submit the order request by clicking "Generate Order." The link to the order will be provided, or you can search for it in the "Browse" section. Share the link to your order with your potential buyers to get to the order filled.

At any moment, you can Settle the order. Settling the order will return any unfulfilled tokens to you, as well as claim any ETH from fulfilled tokens.

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