🚧Arb Bot Protection

Arb bots are pesky parasites that plague almost all of defi, and that includes OTC platforms as well! Generally, the way they work on an OTC platform is they will scan orders that are created, while comparing the order price to the Uniswap price, and then fill the order and immediately dump them on Uniswap.

This is not ideal for an OTC platform, because one of the selling points is that users can utilize peer-to-peer trades to mitigate unnecessary dumps on the chart. While it is still good in that an order creator’s order can get filled, it loses its benefits for potentially protecting the charts.

In order to mitigate this issue, orders now have a configurable option to allow a delay in token release, so that bots (and users) can’t insta-flip the tokens immediately after filling them. After filling an order with the delay enabled, the purchased tokens will remain locked for 5 minutes, and are claimable after that window.

The tokens are claimable in the purchasing user's Activity page.

"Delayed" can be enabled or disabled upon order creation, unless the partnered token project has enforced delay for all orders that contain their respective token.

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